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Nalaten voor een betere wereld

Wat laat u de wereld na? Door een deel van uw bezit na te laten aan Stichting Adar draagt u bij aan een mooiere wereld, zelfs wanneer u er niet meer bent.

Bequeathing to the Adar Foundation is a special act. By including us in your will, we can offer new perspectives to people who have lost much in their lives through the arts. The Adar Foundation has applied to be exempt from inheritance tax. Once approved, this means that your legacy will fully benefit the cultural activities of the Adar Foundation.

Bequests to the Adar Foundation

What can you bequeath?
Bequests can be made in various ways: you can leave a (movable or immovable) asset, a sum of money or a percentage of your property. You determine who gets what, and then document it.

The first way to record your estate is to name us as (co-)heir in your will. The second way is to grant us a so-called 'bequest'.

How do you settle an estate?

You arrange your estate in a will that you have ratified at the notary. Naturally, you want your wishes to be clear. Drafting a will can be a complicated process. That is why we are happy to help you.

Contact with Adar Foundation

Do you have specific questions about bequeathing? For example, would you like to:

  • Discuss your needs together?
  • Answers to your legal questions?
  • Tips on finding a good notary?

If so, please contact the Adar Foundation


Telefonisch: 06 14 59 63 30


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